The Alberta Cycling Coalition is a like-minded group of individuals and organizations with a mission to

Make Alberta Roads Safer for Cyclists!


  1. Require safe passing distance of one metre, and 1.5m at speeds greater than 60km/h
  2. Allow two abreast riding, when not impeding flow of traffic
  3. Cyclists may ride as far right as is safe, versus as is practicable

These recommendations formed part of our White Paper Report, which was sent to Alberta Transportation in January 2019. Following this, an executive summary was presented to former Minster of Transportation Brian Mason in February 2019, which was well received.

What we do:

We are an advocacy group that unites all types of stakeholders across the province to advocate for and educate all on the topic of cycling.

  1. Proposing and advocating for changes to the Traffic Safety Act and applicable legislation
  2. Building our network of support and stakeholders
  3. Educating the cycling and non-cycling public on the topic of cycling safety.

Who we are:

The Alberta Cycling Coalition is guided by a STEERING COMMITTEE made up of members from all over the province.

We are supported by our general member base, and endorsed by various cycling stakeholders across the province.


Supported by a provincial traffic safety grant, our education campaign focuses on practical and friendly solutions to properly inform people on bikes and people in cars how to safely interact on Alberta roadways.

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how you can help

We need your support to help get this done! By showing the government the importance and support for these recommendations, we will make Alberta roads safer for cyclists.

  1. Get Informed: Read the White Paper Report we created and presented to the Alberta Ministry of Transportation, which discusses our key recommendations to the TSA
  2. Contact Your MLA and Councillor: Use this guide to start a conversation with your elected official about the importance of making Alberta roads safer for all
  3. Stay in Touch: Follow us on social media and Become a Member of the Alberta Cycling Coalition by signing up below
  4. Spread The Word: Sign up as a Volunteer or invite your friends to join the conversation and help grow our network of support across the province