Who We Are

Steering Committee Members:

  • Aaron Schooler, PRW/iWill Helmet Awareness Campaign (co-chair), Edmonton
  • Bob Walsh, Dunvegan Nordic Ski and Cycle, Fairview
  • Don Hollingshead, Alberta Bicycle Association, Calgary
  • Vincent Chahley, Member at Large, Calgary
  • Greg Neiman, RDABC, Red Deer
  • Doug Bowes, Member at Large, Sherwood Park County

Past Chair: Santino Pasutto, Sherwood Park

Letters of Endorsement

The Alberta Cycling Coalition is supported by members across Alberta, from all walks of life, whether they identify as cyclists or not. Cycling safety affects everyone.

One of our supporters is Chandra Crawford, Olympic Gold medalist in Cross Country Skiing, and CEO of Fast and Female. With a winter endurance sport like Cross Country Skiing, Chandra has spent a lot of time on the bike in the off seasons, and now rides a lot with Chariot in tow.


The following individuals and organizations have provided official letters of endorsement, supporting the Alberta Cycling Coalition’s mandate to Make Alberta Roads Safer for Cyclists:

Want to add your support? An official letter of endorsement helps strengthen our position to advocate for our key recommendations to Alberta Transportation. Download this Letter of Endorsement template to write your own letter of support and join the cause! Please send all letters of endorsement to our email at Alberta Cycling Coalition.