If you would like to receive some of our educational items (bumper stickers, decals, Pamphlet, etc…) they are free of charge. Please contact us at any time with your address and we will ensure these items are sent to you!

Education Pamphlet – for drivers and people cycling

The Dutch Reach – Alberta Edition

Reminding motorists to first check for people on bikes behind you before opening your driver side door. In Holland, they teach you to open the door with your right hand, helping force an over the shoulder LOOK.

Bumper Sticker Campaign

Bumper Sticker Design

City of Calgary – Safe Passing Bylaws

A significant part of the roll out of these bylaws included an educational component on behalf of the City of Calgary who took the time on social media platforms to help educate the public on what these new laws mean for them, how they are affected, and gave specific examples of what to do in different scenarios. Below are some examples, and an FAQ can be found on the City of Calgary’s website at the link below: